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     Provide you with relevant services in accordance with the terms of use of this website and other relevant specifications or announcements. Before shopping for the first time, please read and agree to the terms of use of this website in detail, and then fill in your basic information to complete the shopping process. If you complete the shopping process, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents and agreements of the terms of use of this website, if you do not agree with all or part of the terms of use of this website, please do not fill in the basic information and complete the subsequent shopping flow.

    You agree that the Company has the right to adjust the terms of use of this website at any time according to the needs of its operations, and the Company will not notify you individually unless it has a significant impact on the purchase rights you have completed. The latest content of the terms of use of this website will be published on the home page of this website, you can read it in detail before each purchase, in order to protect your rights and interests. Your continued use of the services of this website after any modification or change will be deemed to have been read, understood and directly affected by the relevant modifications and changes. If you do not agree with the modified or changed terms of this website, please stop using the relevant services of this website.

    If you are under the age of 20, please read the terms of use of this website carefully and agree to the relevant shopping process with your parent, mother or guardian. You and your legal representative or guardian agree that subsequent shopping at this terminal is necessary for daily life, and guarantee that the consent of your legal representative or guardian has been obtained.

【Personal Data Protection】 

    The company collects, processes and uses your personal data for the purpose of providing the company's related services and marketing every time you trade or participate in activities. Please refer to the "Privacy Protection Policy" for matters that should be notified regarding personal data.

   The company will abide by the relevant laws and regulations on personal data protection, and will not use your personal data illegally except in accordance with the terms of use of this website, privacy policy or legal regulations. Under the following circumstances, the company may provide your personal information to the relevant authorities, or a third party who claims that its rights have been violated and prompts the judicial authority to submit documents:

1. According to the law or under investigation by the police, judicial authorities or other competent authorities      based on legal procedures

2. In an emergency, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of other customers or third parties

3. To maintain the normal operation of this website

4. In order to provide the company's related services, the cash flow, logistics or other necessary information          for third parties or cooperative manufacturers

5. The user has any violation of government laws or the terms of use of this website. 

    This website may contain links to other websites due to advertisements or other cooperative promotional activities. If you click on the link to go to other websites, the terms of use and privacy policy of this website will not apply. You must judge by yourself whether the relevant terms of the website are sufficient to protect your rights and interests, and then decide whether to use the website service.

【Trade Precautions】 

    The number of products provided on this website is limited. Please complete the ordering process as soon as possible after selection. Putting in the shopping cart does not mean that you have completed the order. If other users have completed the ordering process before you complete the ordering process, the system will notify you Your item has been sold out, please remove it from the shopping cart.

    The delivery of the goods on this website is carried out according to the method you choose and specify when ordering, and the price of the goods does not include shipping costs. If you do not qualify for the shipping fee discount due to the return of some products, the company will charge the original shipping fee of the order from the amount of your cancellation refund (the shipping fee is subject to the announcement on the website when the order is placed).

    According to Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law, you can exercise the right to terminate the contract within the 7-day hesitation period after the arrival of the goods. Baked goods do not include the 7-day hesitation period. Please confirm when ordering. Please note that the hesitation period is not a trial period, and it is only for you to evaluate whether to purchase the product. If you actually use the product, it may affect your right to cancel the contract and get a refund.

【Intellectual Property Rights】

    All content on this website, including: product photography, model photos, paintings, trademarks, other signs or information, etc., are objects of intellectual property rights legally owned by the company or relevant obligees, and are subject to copyright law, trademark law, patent law, The protection of the Trade Secret Act and the Fair Trade Act shall not be used arbitrarily without the prior permission or authorization of the company or the obligee, so as to avoid liability for infringement or violation of the law.

【Service Suspension and Disclaimer】

    The company will maintain the normal operation of this website in a manner and technology that is in line with current generally reasonable expectations of security. In the following circumstances, the company has the right to suspend all or part of the services provided by this website, and is not obliged to notify you in advance, and the company shall not be liable for any compensation or compensation for any direct or indirect damages arising therefrom:

1. Relocation, replacement, upgrade, maintenance or repair of software and hardware equipment related to          this website

2. Service stop or interruption caused by natural disasters or other force majeure factors

3. Service interruption due to telecommunications or website companies or other reasons not attributable to        The service is stopped or interrupted due to the company's reasons

4. The website is affected by external forces and the information display is incorrect, or it is forged, altered,            deleted or retrieved, or the system is interrupted or cannot operate normally

5. The user has Suspend or terminate the service to the user in violation of the terms of use of this website or        laws and regulations

6. Other circumstances where the company deems it necessary to suspend or terminate the service. 

    When the company's predictable software and hardware maintenance plan may lead to the suspension or termination of service of the website, it will make an announcement on this website in an appropriate manner as much as possible before the situation occurs. 

【Breach of contract】

    In order to protect the rights and interests of all users of this website, if you have one of the following situations, the company may suspend or terminate your shopping qualification or refuse you to use all or part of the services of this website:

1. Provide wrong or false information to log in

2. Swipe a credit card or otherwise misuse a financial account without my permission

3. Failure to pick up the goods at the designated store within the notification period without reason or failing        to complete the cash on delivery Picking up the goods more than the number of times set by the company

4. The company determines that there is malicious return of the goods

5. Harassing or inappropriate words and deeds to the customer service department of the company

6. Other violations of the terms of use of this website or violations of the law. 

     You agree that your consent is not required when the company suspends or terminates your eligibility to purchase or refuses you to use all or part of the services of this website in accordance with the terms of use of this website, and the company shall not be liable to you or any third party in any way duty or responsibility. 

【Product order】

    For anyone who places an order through improper means, the company has the right to cancel the order without prior notice. The company will give necessary instructions and explanations to the activity rules within the scope permitted by law. In case of force majeure, the company has the final right to cancel the event, retain, modify and change everything.

【Return policy】

﹝Taiwan Region﹞Return and Exchange Instructions 

◍ In order to ensure the quality of the product, the service staff will check the product before shipment to guarantee the quality of the product you ordered 

◍ If the product is defective and needs to be returned, all relevant documents and complete packaging must be kept when the product is shipped, otherwise it will not be accepted. 

◍ If the product is sent incorrectly and needs to be returned or exchanged, all relevant documents and complete packaging must be kept when the product is shipped, otherwise it will not be accepted. 

◍ According to Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law, consumers on online shopping sites are entitled to a seven-day hesitation period when the product arrives. Baked goods are not included in this clause. The store will provide you with the right to cancel the contract and return the product at any time within seven days from the next day after the product arrives. , provided that there are reasonable exceptions mentioned in the proviso to Article 19, Item 1 of the Consumer Protection Act. 

◍ If the goods or services sold by the company fall under any of the following circumstances, which fall under the reasonable exceptions mentioned in the proviso of Article 19, Item 1 of the Consumer Protection Act, the application of the cancellation right of Article 19, Item 1 of this Act will be excluded: 

(1) Fresh food, food or items that are perishable, have a short shelf life, or are about to expire when the contract is terminated 

(2) Payment of customized products based on consumer requirements

◍ According to Article 17 of the Implementing Regulations of the Consumer Protection Law: "Consumers who have received goods that are damaged, lost or changed due to the necessity of inspection or reasons not attributable to themselves shall be subject to Article 19 of this Law. The right to cancel under one provision shall not be extinguished." According to the above provisions, if the consumer has one of the following circumstances, the application of the right to cancel in item 1 of Article 19 of this Law will be excluded because it has exceeded the provisions of these detailed rules:

 (1 ) Without affecting your inspection of the product, the product package is damaged, the seal is removed, the hang tag is removed, the glue is removed, or the label is removed 

(2) Before you receive the product, you have been given the opportunity to inspect the product 

(3) Other overstepping inspections It is necessary or attributable to your personal reasons, resulting in damage, loss or change of the product

◍ Consumer Protection Law is to protect consumers from receiving defective products. If you request a return or exchange for the following reasons, it is deemed to violate the shopping agreement between the two parties The store has the right not to provide sales service any more. <Adding to the blacklist after accepting returns and exchanges>: The buyer did not read the product information <material, size, etc.> The buyer did not measure the shopping needs <Repented after the product was sent> The buyer did not confirm the order Content 〈wrong quantity of subscripts, wrong subscripts〉 

◍ All products have relevant descriptions such as material and size, and they are taken for actual products. It can be estimated first to protect the rights and interests of both parties. Please confirm the relevant information before shopping, or ask questions in the message, and we will try our best to answer your questions. Please understand each other. 

﹝Overseas Regions﹞Refund and return application 

◍ The exclusive store is a custom order, and only accepts refunds and returns in case of defects. To avoid misunderstandings, buyers are required to record video when unpacking. The video needs to clearly capture the unopened state, unpacking process, object body, product details, etc. If there are non-human defects, you need to contact the art museum by mail within 7 days after receiving the product, and provide a video

◍ Cross-border shipping has certain risks, and the shipping process may cause scratches, collision marks, outer packaging deformation, outer box damp, and odor Contamination and other conditions, if it does not affect the use, it is not within the scope of defects

◍If you want to apply for a defect refund or return, or if you are not sure whether you meet the conditions, please send a letter to the first picture customer service mailbox, and the service staff will definitely coordinate with you Handling

◍ Please reach an agreement with the museum first, and then send the product back. If you send the product back without obtaining consent, the museum will not be able to accept your refund and return requests. After the shipping fee is charged, the product will be sent back to you

◍ The product you are returning must be brand new and complete, with original packaging, no missing accessories or products, and the details attached to Le Gongfang's shipment must be attached. Please note that the product needs to be properly packaged. If there is any damage after sending it back, it may affect your rights to refund and return

◍  Mi Li Tsun Nan Art Gallery currently only uses New Taiwan Dollar (NTD) as the transaction currency, and the currency exchange rate of each country is based on your credit card issuing bank The exchange rate and relevant regulations of the transaction announcement shall prevail. In case of refund or return, the gallery will also apply for a refund to your credit card issuing bank in New Taiwan Dollars (NTD). The local currency amount you receive is subject to the actual bank exchange date and may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations. There is a difference in exchange rate, please understand the buyer.

[Effect of this agreement, applicable law and competent court]

When all or part of any clause of the terms of use of this website is invalid, it does not affect the validity of other agreements. The relationship of rights and obligations between you and the company shall be determined in accordance with the terms of use of this website and relevant applicable announcements or specifications of this website. In case of any dispute, you can file a complaint or response to the customer service contact information recorded on this website. Both parties should uphold the utmost sincerity and negotiate to resolve the dispute in accordance with the principles of good faith, equality and mutual benefit. If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation, unless otherwise provided by law, both parties agree to use the Pingtung District Court of Taiwan as the jurisdictional court of first instance. 

If there is anything not covered in this agreement, it shall be interpreted, supplemented and handled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China.