About the Art Gallery

    Mi Li Tsun Nan Art Gallery - is located at No.1, Farm, Mili Village, Ligang Township, Pingtung County, with a total construction area of 3420m² and a building area of 438.89m², combining exhibition halls and cultural and creative products. It is a two-story cement building, next to the two-hectare Mili Village Park, with a high-quality visual environment, and the entire building is designed by the painter MiLi-Tsun-Nan, and commissioned by Pingtung Dajin Construction Company Zhou Architect to complete the construction.

   The painter, MiLi-Tsun-Nan, is a well-known contemporary ink artist, who has achieved outstanding results in the well-known Christie's international auction market for many years, and has been eager to return to his hometown before 2018 to create an exhibition environment with artistic beauty for the village, which is the most perfect ideal for the artist's creative journey.

   About this area, it is a place where the painter ,MiLi-Tsun-Nan, used to wander when he was children. Starting from planning to transplant hundreds of trees on the land, complying with building regulations and strict construction methods, plate mold - iron binding - cement pouring... Step by step with the architect's actuarial reinforced concrete structure of the building, showing the solidity and stability of the building. The interior wall adopts a bare architectural method, which is elegant and simple and integrates with the painter's works, revealing the painter's unique style.

   After several years of planning and construction, the Art Gallery completed 1 hall in 2022, connecting the painter's studio and the cultural and creative department, presenting the ideal of "art is life".